The Doors, they speak to me, I can hear their voices…

The doors. They speak to me. i can hear them whispering something to me. Telling me their stories. The stories of loyal guardians and secret keepers. The stories of  births and deaths, sad and happy stories. May be a am slightly mad… but why not)))

This image in particular represents the victory over myself for me. It has been a real struggle to make it all come together. The model, the door and especially leaves that cover the walls of the house. They were not there originally and the idea to add them definitely saved the image giving it this fairy tale look so to speak. But it was not easy for me to believe in this image, to convince myself that I can finish it and make it work. Every day I changed it little by little till I was convinced. I do not know what it is but somehow in art, when you don’t give up, something always goes out of your hard efforts, something always takes form, a beautiful form, an authentic one. And you will always smile at it. 🙂

anna moskalkova photography

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