It will always be our past that makes the present so complete and so precious.

First 8 years of my life were the last 8 of the USSR. There was nothing in stores. My mother was restoring my clothes year after year changing the size as I was growing up. We did queues, many queues. Each fall people who worked together in the same company would go to the country to pick potatoes planted together. Everyone was obliged to form a part of the mandatory cooperative. KOLHOZ. They would take whole family and spend a day out of the city. I loved it! Going away to the forest with my parents. Breathing fresh humid air full of purity after city smog charged with industrial waste. I remember very clearly one of those autumns. I was cold and I wrapped myself into an old checkered blanket. I  put on my father’s beret. So I stood in the middle of the huge field, crowded with people and shovels …

Our memories are like a suitcase without a bottom…  to steal ideas and to seek answers from.. are what really defines who we are, where we are going and what we create … And even when we want to catch the moment, enjoy the present, BE present, it will always be our past that makes this NOW so complete and so precious.


Mis primeros 8 años eran los últimos 8 de la URSS. No había NADA en las tiendas. Mi madre iba restaurando mi ropa año tras año cambiando la talla según yo crecía. Hacíamos colas, muchas colas. Cada otoño la gente quien trabajaban juntos en la misma empresa iban a recoger las patatas que plantaban juntos por que formaban parte de una cooperativa obligatoria. Llevaban toda la familia y pasaban un día fuera de la cuidad. A mi me encantaba. Me acuerdo muy claramente uno de esos otoños. Hacia frío y me envolví con una vieja manta y me puse la boina de mi padre. Así estaba de pie en la mitad del campo enorme, lleno de gente con palas… Nuestras memorias.. son únicas..son un saco sin fondo para robar ideas y buscar respuestas.. son lo que realmente definen lo que somos, a donde nos dirigimos y lo que creamos…


7 thoughts on “It will always be our past that makes the present so complete and so precious.

  1. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog and like it 🙂 Love your words “Our memories are like a suitcase without a bottom” – I very much agree. Is that the original photo? It looks too magical to be unstaged! (It’s a compliment!)

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