Apples under the almond tree

There were 3 things that visually inspired me to take my camera and capture their texture, color and emotion / energy contained in them. Red apples with yellow stains, lovely wedding dress of my Spanish Aunt Nati, which already has more than 30 years .. and almond trees in bloom. But in order to come up with the story I had to find something in common between them. See the connection. And I could not.  I was struggling. So after several hours of ¨creative paralysis¨  there came a moment to make a choice – get stuck and stop, or continue creating no matter what. I made my choice. I grabbed my model, the dress, the bag full of apples and we drove into the valley of blossoming almond trees. I had no story. I was just shooting. And only in the process I learned that what unites all these components is ME. What can be more sound and believable than that! What other justification was I searching for? 🙂 We must learn to  notice ourselves. Protect, cherish and transmit our personal value! Our cultural background. Books, poems, music and people we carry within ourselves. So my image is called: ¨Apples under the almond tree¨. Because I felt inspired. Creative. And happy. 🙂


Había 3 cosas, que visualmente me provocaban a coger mi cámara y capturar su textura, color y emoción/energía que contienen. Manzanas rosas con esas manchas lavadas amarillas, el vestido de boda precioso de mi tía española Nati, que ya tiene mas de 30 años.. y los arboles de almendro en flor. Pero no encontraba nada en común entre ellas… no me hacia la idea, como puedo dar la vida a su historia…. Llegó un momento y tenía que elegir… quedarme atrapada y parar, o seguir creando a pesar de todo. Elegí el segundo escenario. Y solo en el proceso aprendí, que lo que une a todos los componentes soy YO. Que puede ser más válido que eso! No nos valoramos a nosotros mismos y a tantas cosas que cada uno podemos aportar a ese mundo!


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