My workshop on creating meaningful art. Valladolid. 12-13 November 2016

What an amazing time we had. 11 of us. Laughing, discovering, playing and creating. I could not stop but wonder how can it be true. All these amazing people in my little studio. Sharing and opening their hearts and minds. I am so ever grateful for this opportunity to host this workshop. It was magic. Our model was quite something. Silvia. She is someone you do not meet every day. Actress as she is naturally. But also an extraordinary individual. We had her running, jumping, performing a monologue that made us laugh till we cried. There could not be better person for this task.

We created a concept. That was inspired by Pablo Neruda´s famous poem ¨Dying slowly¨. It inspired us to think about how inclined we are to waste our precious time for nothing. How we lie to ourselves and think that we will be here forever. How we run away from our dream life and hide behind excuses. Procrastinate.

We took our color palette form my dad´s old pocket watch. They were planned to be a part of the composition as well. I took an image of an empty field and rainy clouds before the workshop and we used it for our photoshop composite as a background. The model was shot during the first day of the workshop on a green background outside and also inside the studio using a very even diffused strobe light.

Magic. As it is. When people come together with opened hearts and create to make the world a little bit better. 🙂

Here is the image I created. And some images of my students created after the workshop.

Anna Moskalkova Fotografía Creativa

Anna Moskalkova Photography



Villar Peluquero


Nurianl Fotografía


Arantxa González 


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