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Hi. I am Anna. And I am so happy and proud to know you are visiting my web site. Very very happy. Because? Well… Lets just admit, I am one of the million photographers and creatives out there. The chance, that you and I ever meet is tiny. And still you are here! Reading my stuff! That´s so incredible!! Thank you!

I have written and rewritten this page for tens of times.
My previous version of this page included all my diplomas, publications and projects. I listed all my skills and equipment. Polaroid, Nikon, Leica, you know!! I carefully underlined, who I am as an artist. I tried to seem professional, responsible and important. And may be I am. But do you really care about it?

Just think!
Who are those people, whom you had the most fun in your life with? Was it because they were famous writers or may be TV show producers? Or because they had certain personality? Did you have quality time with them because they had diplomas from the best schools in Europe?

So now! I want to just add.

I have daring ideas. I am in love with people and I enjoy listening. I am chaotically creative in my process, but my results speak and tell stories. With all my heart I want to help you in whatever amazing project you are thinking to implement.  And yes I have diplomas. Many of them actually. And yes I have really important clients. And I lived in 6 different countries. But i will rather tell you about books that changed my life. Influenced me. Surprised me. Haunt me every day. And I am very very honest about it.  Here they are

Just tell me. What is it, that you don´t do today, that you would do if you had 1 000 000 EUROS?

Write to me: anna@annamoslalkova.com

Or on Facebook of course.


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